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LFD (Lateral Flow Device) tests will no longer be available via GOV.UK or via NHS 119. However LFD tests still need to be available and easily accessible to people who are potentially eligible for COVID-19 treatments through routine NHS access routes.

NHS lateral flow device tests supply advance service for patients potentially eligible for COVID-19 treatments is going to be available in our pharmacy from the 6th of November 2023.

This service is to offer at risk patients eligible for COVID-19 treatments, access to LFD tests to enable testing at home for COVID-19, if they develop symptoms of infection. A positive LFD test result will be used to inform a clinical assessment to determine whether the patient is suitable for and will benefit from NICE recommended COVID-19 treatments.

This is a walk-in service where patients/patients’ representatives can collect one box of 5 LFD tests

The full list of eligible patients that are at risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19 and therefore potentially eligible for COVID-19 treatments can be found in NICE guidelines.

  • Seeing the patient’s NHS letter which confirms eligibility
  • Having a discussion with the patient or their representative about the patient’s medical history, confirming they have a qualifying condition
  • Referring to the pharmacy’s clinical records for the service; where the pharmacy has previously seen, and made a record of having seen, a copy of the patient’s NHS letter confirming eligibility.

By providing lateral flow test devices to eligible patients, we aim to contribute to early detection, timely treatment, and the overall health and well-being of our community. Should you have any questions or required further information, do not hesitate to reach us on 0208 346 4530.

Stay healthy and safe!

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