Three simple steps:

A. Register with us using the ask your pharmacist/registration form, registration also means that you agree to Gateway Chemist handling your prescription, but you are always free to take your prescription to any pharmacy of your choice.

B. Tell your GP that you have registered with us, and request your prescription to be sent electronically, once received, we will populate your record with your items, and then be able to request future scripts directly with the surgery on your behalf.

On average it takes surgeries 2-3 working days to issue prescriptions, and we take no responsibility for what is issued, so if you are not satisfied with the outcome or any delay, it is a matter between you and your doctor, and you need to take the matter directly with the GP.

We also do not order automatically, that leads to mass wastage of items you might not need, wastage, and extra financial pressure on the NHS. So please order by telephone or email, one week before you run out.

C. Delivery will be on Wednesday afternoons only,

Our delivery times are 2pm till 5pm, please make sure you are in as we have 50 plus deliveries and cannot wait long at your door.

Deliveries might carry a charge of £5.00.

D. If you wish to purchase any other over the counter medications or pharmacy items, please call the pharmacy on Tuesdays to purchase over the phone and add to your items.

NHS Prescriptions

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